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Wasn’t really the best mom, but I loved you all like family! No picture of bubbles(first official dog) huhu! Meet mah babies, L-R starting fr top: Aries and Achilles(Irina’s first babies); Athena and Venus(Mufasa’s first living babies, the three passed away ;(((); big boy Achilles; Brutus, Balkan, Beowulf(Irina’s second babies); Irina, Scooby, Mufasa and Mikan!
#NationalDogsDay #Family

I accept @ayamnatona ‘s ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE! It wasn’t captured on the video but I nominate @marlaongtao and joshua see|| @mrstineegee and geissen|| Howie de Guzman|| Kevin Lim|| @pauguiyab || and LeeLo fambam! Sulitin! :P let’s raise awareness. Can’t donate so here.. #hatersgonnahate ✌✌✌

Yung mas mukang ako pa yung bagong panganak. Wala kang kupas pls, BESTFRIEND @mrstineegee Yan ha. Wala ng WAS. Sexiest mom! And sooo nice to finally hold you FRACS’s first princess @sophiereetty . Matagal pa magkakaruon ng playmate ha? Haha! Loveyouuuu :*

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