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Happy Happy Birthday, Rona!! Sorry I wasn’t able to greet u exactly 12 midnight, so here’s a cheesy message! Hahaha! I ♥ U! I love you! Wuvyu! You’re the most kind-hearted person na talaga. U know what I mean. Sorry for what I’ve said these past few days.. Our friendship will never be destroyed by such petty things. We’ll never leave ur side no matter what. WUVYU WOWA! I wish you freedom in life. I know you’ll always be happy cause u have us and him.. whoever he is. Kidd! :P Just stay as u are, we love u for that! BTW, This picture was 3 years ago. Can you even imagine the time we’ve been together already? I’ll see you walk in the aisle 3-4 years fr now ‘cause u’re too old. HUHUHU! Again, happy birthday ate! Tanda mo HUHU!

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