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NAGAARAL AKO UTANG NA LOOB TANTANAN MO AKO. Joke lang. Hahaha! @applejumalon

"Friends give us the courage to lift the blinds on our hearts, to open up and show what we generally keep hidden from the rest of the world."

Wag ka nang madrama, I love you. The end.

@renzmoja !! Wala tayong pic na 2 lang. Kayo nalang lagi ni @iammai02 ! Hmp! Tsaka ang cute ksi nito, so eto na lang instead of your face ha! Hihi! So proud of this e :P HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thankyou for the treat and UBE(Ultimate Bonding Experience) nasa letter naman and text yung message. So yun. Again, wishing you all the best things in life :P

To my new-found-soon-to-be-BF @michmclaren , HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Baby!!! Thankyou for standing by and with me throughout these years. Charot. Hahaha! I won’t be able to cope up in a new environment without you, babe! I’m lucky to have found a soul sister! I wish you a happy lovelife!! I just want the best things for you. I’m always here for youuu ha? More birthdays to come, babe ♥♥

PS: with ze coolest, honest, endearing, loving, shitty people :P

To the WOMAN(kasi matanda ka na) who’s always making me laugh, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iammai02 . Thank you for the sleepovers, craycray, utusan, landian moments! Saglit pa lang tayo magkakilala pero feel ko matagal na tayo bffs. Hahaha! Stay the same, wag ka ng magbabago, ha? HAHA. I wish you all the good things in life. I love you!!

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